"Champion Delbar Delightfully Amalie" went in june 2006 over the "Rainbowbridge".

"De De" was the most loveable caracter, everytime in a good mood. She never did anything wrong. As a puppy she has allready her bewitched charm and still got it until she passed away.

Living in a kennel was never "Darling De`s" intention, so she only stayed in a kennel with her puppies and reared them all the time as a loving mother.
But as soon as the puppies are old enough to get on without her mother, "De De" insisted to get back into comfortable life in the house.

"Darling De" was successfully shown in England and became "English Champion" in 1995.
The following year she had her first litter, out of this litter "Amalie Mild Affair" stepped into the szene.

"Monty" became Top Studdog in England

His children and so "De De`s" grandchildren were shown very successfull in many different countries.
As far as breeding is concerned, you see very often this wonderful and soft expression and the beautiful almond shaped eyes and excellent placed ears in many of "Darling De`s" offspring.

"Monty" never became his championtitle, he won 2 CC`s and 7 res. CC`s but as "Topstuddog" he got his crown.

"Roysta`s Earth Wind `n` Fire" is "De De`s" "German Son".
He is out of "De`s" last litter with Champion "Jonny vom Dünnwalder Busch".

Our "Trampas" won 3CAC`s and 2 res. CAC`s, similar to his halfbrother`s children, "Trampas" offspring did very well in the showring.

There is no doubt about it, that "Tramp" sires beautiful puppies.

We are proud to own this "COLLIE – GENTLEMAN"

We think he has the same lovely caracter as his mother.

It was a great pleasure to live with "DARLING DE", she never did anything wrong.
Even at the age of thirteen years her outstanding quality was there day by day.

"Forever in our hearts........"

Englischer Champion

Deutscher Champion Club und Deutscher Champion VDH

Topwinning Collie in Deutschland 1997

"Delbar Delightfully Amalie"