KENZO`S beautiful daughter

It is the colliecharacter, the beauty and elegance that fascinates us since more than 25 years. We have bred our first Collielitter in 1976.
Over the years we wanted quality and character more and more, so we say:

Quality not Quantity!

All our puppies are chipped and eye-tested (ECVO).
Our studdogs and broodbitches are hip-tested and eye-checked.

"Dealing" with puppies and adults is n o t for us.
Having a Colliefeeling, loving and giving them a nice home, taking care of them, especially when they are old and trying to get the best homes for our puppies, that is:
"Our cup of tea!"

You love collies ... we too!!

Uwe and Kristina Nölke
Am Vogelpark 1, 29699 Bomlitz - (Walsrode)
phone: 05161/910110
E-Mail: roysta@collie.de