Maydale's Impression D'Amour

DOB 15.03.1997        DOD 29.04.2009

Tribute to a great collielady

On the 29th of April we had to say "GOOD BYE" to our "EMMA".

She went over the "Rainbowbridge".

"Emma" was a very important part of our breeding and in our life, we really miss her.
She was the "leader" of the gang, even our adult studdogs don`t dare to touch her position.

One of her favourite hobbies was to hunt frogs, deers and ducks who want to take over a part of our property.

She was a loving mother, too, she did that job with a lot of passion

Maydale's Impression D'Amour
"Emma" had three litters in her life.
In her first litter with our "Trampas" "Roysta`s Earth Wind `n` Fire",
she gave birth to "Champion Roysta`s Firedancer".
Roysta`s Firedancer
Roysta`s Firedancer

Out of her second litter with "Champion Riding`s Deep In My Heart" a puppy bitch went to Israel.

"Roysta`s Joli Jacinthe" became a Champion there.

"Roysta `s Just A Saint" was an improved studdog in the "Colliefarm Kennel" in Denmark.

Last but not least "Roysta`s Just A Dreamer" kept the flags flying in the german showring.

Roysta`s Joli Jacinthe

" Emma " likes to be on a dogshow, purely and simply she likes to eat and in the showring there was allways something nice to eat.

One of her best showresults was winning BOB and BIS at the Collieclubshow in Denmark under breedspecialist Mr. Brian Hawkins.

Her last show, which she did with a lot of routine, was in the veteran class with ten years of age under breedspecialist Mrs. Susan Hawkins, shown by our ten years old daughter Anita.

Maydale's Impression D'Amour vorgestellt von Anita

" ...GOOD BYE EMMA, we`ll miss you !!!!"